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Get involve! - Take the first step to experiencing Aikido





Traditional, dynamic Japanese defensive martial way developed by Morihei Ueshiba (1883 - 1969) that's practice all over the world by both men & women.

The founder called his teaching Aikido (Ai - meet Ki - energy, spirit & Do - way or path) characterised by it circular skillful harmonising movements and it "relaxed power" called ki.

Being new to aikido you will be guided though the basic skills both solo & partner practice, also you'll be truly amazed by what has been on your doorstep.

At a very basic level progression is denoted by coloured belts starting with "white" belt but first graded belt is "purple" progressing though to the coveted "black belt" and beyond.


Whatever your reasons for wanting to participation in aikido at the Easton Takemusu kai come with an open & eager mind to our friendly dojo.

Inspirational quote from the founder  "Aikido depends entirely on Ki (vital energy); it is a free flow that follows the wave of the spirit. Keep your spirit healthy,  let it flow freely".

Some of the benefits of regular training are new skills, increase your fitness, suppleness, coordination, mindfulness, self-discipline, self-defense.

Looking forward to your attendance

Address: Cato Street, Easton, Bristol BS5 6JL

Giving you a flavor of Basic movements 

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Training is conducted on clean matted floor with bear feet, ideally judo suit but initially you may train in tracksuits or robust clothing.

What equipment do I need for aikido

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