Corona Covid-19

Since the government has implemented the “lockdown” it has impacted on all our lives but still live continue.

For us as aikidoka, your daily self-training continues with basic movements like

  1. Tai no henko

  2. Tai sabaki

  3. Happo undo

  4. Showmen uchi

  5. Yokomen uchi

  6. Tsuki


All these basics requires very little space, you can firstly start with doing eight of each and slowly building up your repetitions, this is one way to keep aikido in mind and keep your mind, body & spirit in excellent shape.

I have continued attending the dojo at the scheduled time for those who would like to continue with myself, just observe the basic rule of

  1. washing your hands as you enter the building and before entering the dojo,

  2. observe distancing whiles training so this is an excellent opportunity for Jo weapon training

  3. wearing of mask or towel to cover mouth & noise